[rc5] Mac Can't connect

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Wed Aug 27 13:07:09 EDT 1997

Sean M. Gomez (sgomez at wheatonma.edu), on 8/27/1997 10:16 AM, wrote the 

>Just to share...
>I was configuring v2.004 for my mac at work, and was having a similar
>problem. This is gonna seem like kinda a silly question I realize, but is
>he runing Thread Manager?
>If not I'll mail him a copy of it, you need to it sucessfully grab keys.

No, he's not. Please mail it to me, I'll pass it on to him after 
installing it on my own Macs. I'm able to fetch and flush without a 
problem, and I don't have Thread Manager, but it can't hurt...


(at least, I have no file by that name... or anything containing "thread")
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