[rc5] Mac Can't connect

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Wed Aug 27 14:04:42 EDT 1997

Barry Nathan (barryn at pobox.com), on 8/27/1997 5:52 AM, wrote the 

>I think the original poster said the machine was running MacOS 8. Thread 
>Manager is built into MacOS 8's System file, so you shouldn't use the 

I was the original poster, and you're right, I did say that he's using 
MacOS 8.


Of course, this brings us back to the original, unsolved problem.

Mac OS 8
OT/PPP Telnet Connection Script
RC5 Client won't communicate to the internet, for fetch or flush
All other net-based apps DO communicate, and initate sessions, without 
     It just waits a couple seconds, then drops into Offline Mode

Seth Dillingham
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