[rc5] Re: Tardy blocks (was Random keyblocks)

G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at whidbey.net
Wed Aug 27 12:34:14 EDT 1997

At 8:56 AM 8/26/97, Eric Gindrup wrote:
>        I haven't really been discussing handing out tardy blocks instead
>     of handing out unassigned blocks.  I've been suggesting tardy blocks
>     instead of random blocks, with a lot of little details and caveats.

But that isn't the choice. The server never hands out random blocks, and
since there is always the chance that a tardy block can come in after being
held up somewhere for months there is a slight, but real, advantage to
running through all of the unassigned keyspace first.

Random blocks are a fallback for when no blocks can be handed out at all,
with a steadily decreasing usefulness as we complete more and more of the


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