[rc5] key block

Sean M. Gomez sgomez at wheatonma.edu
Wed Aug 27 17:07:30 EDT 1997

>When we were working on the first 1% of the keyspace, we didn't find the
>key, so that 1% was removed. Then we worked on 1% of the remaining space,
>and still didn't find it, so that 1% was removed. And so on, and so on...
>until this happened sixty four times and we ran out of keys!
>Therefore, we're guranteed to find the key within the first 64%!
>Anybody care to check my math? ;)

makes sense to me...course what do I know...

Might I querry as to how much of the Keyspace we've devoured so far?

[...teaching himself calculus cause he could never get it in college...]

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