[rc5] Problem with (HTTP) Network errors

Bob Krzaczek rskpci at cis.rit.edu
Thu Aug 28 00:13:54 EDT 1997

On Wed, 27 Aug 1997, Greg Wooledge wrote:
> * On at least one of our 10.x machines, the 2.004 client runs significantly
>   slower than the 2.002 client.  (I'm still running 2.004 on exactly one
>[ ... ]

Interesting.  I've noticed the same symptom on a completely different
platform:  Digital EV4 series Alphas running Digital Unix.

The 2.004 client is a little more than half the speed of the 2.002 client
on that processor.  The 2.004 EV5 version, on the other hand, is (as you'd
expect) faster than 2.002. 

Were there a series of ``generic'' improvements made

>   HP-UX 10.20 system; on this box, 2.004 is only slightly slower, but I
>   reckon being able to get more blocks from the proxies makes up for it.)
> The good news is that our fastest two machines (the HP-UX box listed
> above and my P-120 Linux workstation, in that order) can both run 2.004
> and thus get the highest percentage of non-random blocks....
> > 2) if the above does not resolve your problem, then it is likely that your
> > firewall situation does not allow you to do external DNS lookups directly
> > from your machine.  In such a case, you must force the client to explicitly
> > use a single proxy by going into the configuration and setting the
> > preferred *keyserver* to an IP address of one of the proxies.  Try picking
> > any one of the following:
> > 
> >,,,
> >,,,
> >,
> I'll try this.  However, could you explain why this is recommended?
> It doesn't seem like it should make any difference.  Why does it matter
> that the DNS lookup is done by the firewall instead of the client?  It's
> getting late here, and maybe I'm being dense....
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