[rc5] Mac Can't connect

Bruce Fisher bef at ssnet.com
Thu Aug 28 10:28:34 EDT 1997

>>>My brother wanted to join the team I'm on, last week, but we couldn't get
>>>his client to connect and fetch any blocks.
>>>Any suggestions?
>>Sounds like an error in the telnet script.
>Could be...  But where is he Telneting to?  I'm not sure I understand
>exactly what's going on here.

I doubt it's actually telnetting. More specifically, in OT/PPP, you use
custom-written modem scripts called CCLs. They go in the Modem Scripts
folder in the extensions (or prefs folder - I forget). Hayes, or whoever
his modem brand is has(at their web sites these days) scripts they
recommend using with their particular modem. For whatever reason(I've not
the foggiest) a different/better script may be needed. There is also
something called Modem Script Generator 1.0a1 (in the usual locations on
the net) which writes CCL scrips for you; a pretty slick piece of software.

>> Have him try FreePPP(version
>>2.5v2b9) instead. It's easy and reliable.
>Er,  I'm not sure this is a good idea.  FreePPP 2.5v3 is available, as is
>FreePPP 2.6b7 (which I'm using now).  I find 2.6b7 okay on my Performa 475
>running B1-7.6.1 and OT 1.1.2.

Fine. Version 2.5v2b9 is the one I've found works with me. I'm sure 2.5v3
is fine also - there are lots of versions of this out there, some have
expiration dates, some are designed to address specific issues. I merely
provided that one as a starting point. But, I'm actually glad you mentioned
that, as I had wanted to upgrade earlier but forgot.

>The RC5 Mac mailing list might be a better place for this - all the Bovine
>RC5 mailing lists I know about are:

Definitely. However some of us like to folow other platform areas, and
can't tolerate much more than the 100 or so emails a day we already get. If
someone has a question though, it seems reasonable to help, as we are all
trying to accomplish the sam goal.

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