[rc5] several processors

Ry Jones rjones at zeppo.Corp.Sun.COM
Thu Aug 28 13:12:43 EDT 1997

Only if it's multi-threaded.

However, the behaviour of NT MP systems is to dedicate a CPU to running the RC5 
process and let the other CPU deal with running the system. So you'll get like 
100% of one cpu, instead of the 95% you'd get on an idle system. SO it's faster 
but not by a factor of two.

> If a machine has plural processors - I know that you can run plural 
> clients - one per processor.  
> But if you only run one client, will that run twice as fast instead? 
> thanks
> Eric Smith
> http://wso.williams.edu/~esmith/
Ry Jones ( http://www.wicker.com/ )
Internet Commerce & Security Products Group, Sun Microsystems

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