[rc5] Behind a firewall

Greg Wooledge wooledge at kellnet.com
Thu Aug 28 20:30:54 EDT 1997

On Thu, 28 Aug 1997, Ry Jones wrote:

> I'm trying to get the solaris client running on my desktop at Sun, but when I 
> give it the proxy information for the web stuff it connects, gives the welcome 
> string, then gets an io error and won't download any packets. Has anyone else 
> seen this before? Does anyone at Sun have an RC5 proxy running I can talk to?

Since you're getting the banner (at least sometimes), you're talking to
the proxy.  Anyone unfortunate enough to have to use the HTTP proxy method
is going to have to deal with intermittent communications failures -- it
just isn't robust enough. :-(  But let it run!  You'll occasionally connect
to deliver and fetch blocks, and at other times you'll process random
blocks -- it's a whole lot better than nothing at all.

I tried replacing the preferred proxy address with a randomly chosen IP
address out of the set that rc5proxy.distributed.net maps to.  It does
seem to help at least a little bit (not completely better, but it's
certainly no worse).  I'd still like to know why.

One more detail: on at least one machine running HP-UX 10.01, the 2.004
client passes all its self-tests but consistently dumps core (illegal
instruction) whenever I try to run it for real.  This is the rc5v2.pa7k
program; the *.pa8k program won't run at all (wrong hardware).  It talks
to the HTTP port before dying, because I get a logged message from my
Apache server.  I don't know what actually causes the crash. :-(

I'm running Bovine on a couple dozen HP-UX machines; the bulk of them
are either 9.04 or 10.01.  Many of the 10.01 boxes are 2- or 3-processor
systems.  They're all trapped behind a firewall.  It's rather frustrating
that a full, stable set of 2.004 clients for HP-UX hasn't been released
yet.  I hope resources can be dedicated to HP-UX compilation in the
near future.  I'm perfectly willing to help with the compiles; I have
plenty of C development experience.

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