[rc5] Network errors and such

Vincent Janelle random at avara.com
Thu Aug 28 21:36:01 EDT 1997

They are nothing to be worried about.  In fact, they are in place in order
to prevent people from overloading the server.  It is merly an
inconvience, and there because of security(to stop people from submitting
"thousands" of fake keys, or requesting thousands of blocks, and not doing
them).  They're nothing to be worried about.  no blocks are getting lost
in this process, in fact only when it says ">" or "<" is teh block
considered "Completed" by the proxies.

For a proper explanation, check teh FAQ
(http://rc5.distributed.net/FAQ/rc5faq.html) in a couple of days, I'll
have that inserted into it if it isn't already there.

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