[rc5] Win32 GUI Personal Proxy dumping keys

Shane Lardinois lardinoi at us.ibm.com
Fri Aug 29 14:05:45 EDT 1997

I wrote this once already but it didn't seem to make it to the list the
first time...

I have just a simple question about the Win32 Personal Proxy.
I'm running the server on a WinNT4.0 machine (b2106 of PP)
on a machine inside a firewall with several (~15) machines
using it as the key server. The Personal Proxy will rather
inconsistently dump the pending notifies to a dumpfile and
it never seems to send these notifies to the external rc5.disitributed.net
proxy. The program never gives any indication that it is reading
the verified keys from the file. Sometimes it will dump as few as
3, sometimes as many as 20, and sometimes it will make the
connection to the external server and verify them. I would hate
to be losing these keys... that would be bad.

I am using the following setting for the proxy:
work period:  60
streaming protocol threshold: 20
minimum buffers to keep active: 300
maximum buffers to keep active: 375
minimum buffers to keep empty: 20

are these setting sufficient for what I'm doing (all of the
client machines are set to buffer 5 blocks, and are doing
~200k key/sec.

Is this normal? Are those notifies really getting lost? Just

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