[rc5] RC5V2 on VMS?

Josh Wingell wingell at ziplink.net
Fri Aug 29 14:45:41 EDT 1997

>> Is there a version of rc5v2 that works on VMS without multinet?
>What do you have?  UCX (aka USUX) or Wollongong (aka Wallywrong)?
>Do a show logical ucx* to find out about UCX, I don't
>remember for Wollongong.
>> I know that VMS ain't too popular these days, but damn this 
>> machine is a screamer :)  I wanna help!
>Not that I can help.  ;)
>- -Jot

Yep, we have UCX here.  Is there any way that I can get the VMS 
source code for rc5v2?  I am not sure how difficult it would be 
to translate from multinet to UCX, tho.


Is there someone with the source code and access to VMS/UCX 
that is willing to have a go?

I wish every OS was as easy as my Amiga's.  Then again, I wish
my Amiga was as fast as this Alpha :)  Btw, the Amiga team is
in 1481 place (2986 kkeys/sec yesterday) after just 8 days of 
working on RC5.  We have 75 team members, 98 hosts and
we are growing larger every day! :)

Btw, what is the largest team?  I would assume that's 
evangelist?  How many CPUS?

Amiga RC5 team - http://homepage.cistron.nl/~ttavoly/rc5/
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