[rc5] HP First time user

Ed Werzyn ewerzyn at hpr114.mdhc.mdc.com
Fri Aug 29 13:00:06 EDT 1997

Just started running the rc5 crack yesterday after my manager came to
me and asked me to run it to benchmark a new system that we just got.
(I had to be alone with myself in the corner for a moment).  Anyway,
I'll run the benchmark for him, but I may forget to stop it from running.

The REAL reason why I'm contacting the group is I'm having to problems
running the software.  I'm using an Hewlett Packard J282 dual cpu system.
I downloaded the rc5v2.pa7k software from the build 4 area.  It starts
ok, but seems to have a problem contacting distributed.net to get the
blocks.  I keep getting the message...
Network::Open Error 1 - sleeping for 3 seconds.
Network::Open Error 2 - sleeping for 3 seconds.

I'll get 9 of these messages followed but the program generating a
random block and running with that.  Any ideas??

I understand that the program communicates with distributed.net via
telnet, so that shouldn't be a problem (we're behind a firewall).
Any other HP users out there??

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