[rc5] Re: [RC5-Mac] Re: Key Rates Table [8/29, 9:10am PDT]

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Fri Aug 29 16:20:08 EDT 1997

John Burg (jsb204 at psu.edu), on 8/29/1997 2:56 PM, wrote the following:

>>Incidentally, if I run with extensions on but use the 'RC5 SpeedUp"
>What is this "RC5 SpeedUp" extension? Where is it available? And why have I
>not heard about it before?

I found it by visiting a page I saw mentioned on the rc5.distributed.net 
page. Since then, I stop in there every couple of days to find out what's 
going on. Looks like that site's going to be pretty good, if they can get 
the extra editors they're advertising for.

Wish I had time for it, I'd do it myself.

Ok, enough plugging their site, here's the URL for the software:


Actually, that's where the description of the software is, along with the 
link to the file itself.

It runs perfectly, but that can be a problem. When you turn it on, your 
mac doesn't give processor time to much of anything else. Only turn it on 
when you're sure you want to do nothing except crunch keys. It gives 
pretty much identical speed to starting up with extensions off, and then 
quitting all other applications. However, it won't sign on wtih PPP 
correctly. It won't even update the menu in Bovine correctly. (though 
there is a way around that, I don't want to bore everyone, since most of 
you probably aren't even going to use it).

Seth Dillingham
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