[rc5] Cyberian RC5 Effort - 'Anti - Microsoft!' (fwd)

Alex garbanzo at hooked.net
Fri Aug 29 20:09:19 EDT 1997

Just saw this on the freebsd-hackers list.  Gee whoever called the
founders of the Cyberian effort "a bunch of nice guys" sure musta been
smoking something funny.

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Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 18:27:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: Murray Stokely <murray at cdrom.com>
To: freebsd-hackers at FreeBSD.ORG
Subject: Cyberian RC5 Effort - 'Anti - Microsoft!'

Greetings FreeBSD Hackers!

   As most of you probably know, there is currently a massively distributed
computing effort to crack the RC5-56 alogorithm and prove that current US 
encryption restrictions are ridiculous.  You probably remember several months
ago, when a FreeBSD Pentium 90 was responsible for finding the key in a 
similar contest to break DES.  What you may not know, is that there are 
currently two efforts to find the key.  The Bovine effort at 
http://rc5.distributed.net, and the Cyberian effort at http://www.cyberian.org
   Aside from the general goal of proving the inadequecy of 56bit cyphers, the
Cyberian effort also offers you $5000 for finding the winning key!  It's come 
to our attention that a large majority of you are involved with the vex.net 
team on the Bovine effort, and we'd like to invite you to join our 'anti-ms' 
team with Cyberian.  But wether you join our team, or someone elses, there are
many reasons why you should consider Cyberian instead of Bovine.

- Cyberian has much faster clients

- Cyberian has WORKING stats.. updated every 5 minutes.  (bovine just
now got the stats working, but they are very limited and updated only

- The Bovine team is COMPLETELY unresponsive to offers of help.
People on the Bovine mailing list are constantly asking for new
features, and someone always offers to do it.  But the Bovine team
wants to keep all the credit to themselves when the key is found, so
they don't let anyone help out, and they CONSTANTLY come up with
excuses and delays.

- There is no statistical advantage to using Bovine over Cyberian at
this time.  Bovine checked the first 6% sequentially.  So Cyberian
didn't have to check that space, therefore they've technically
eliminated 8% of the keyspace.  This means that roughly one key in 10
that Cyberian checks has already been checked by Bovine.  Since the
Cyberian client is more than 10% faster on most systems, you're only
wasting your time with Bovine.  

- Cyberian has its act together in all aspects of the effort.  Most of
the early Bovine enthusiasts have long since switched over.  Cyberian
is more fun, more focused on the real goal of disproving the strength
of 56bit encryption, and more in tune to the needs of a REAL dynamic 
distributed computing effort.

- Bovine uses Windows NT servers, Cyberian uses Unix ;) 

  Our particular team is strongly unix based and definately anti-microsoft.  
We're currently ranked 79th, but we're rising fast!  We've got alot of the
computers here at Walnut Creek CDROM running, as well as two 6 processor 
SPARCs at Depaul University!  Check out 


for our current statistics.  We've got a mailing list, a web page, and several
cgi programs to cache the stats page and reformat them.  Email us at
anti-ms at baic.com if you have any questions!

Murray Stokely

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