[rc5] windows and macs

Ricki Lee King rlking at iquest.net
Sat Aug 30 06:19:37 EDT 1997

i think that windows95 and macs are ideal for the
purpose of distributed processing on a voluntary
basis with donated computer time. there must be
millions of individuals with home computers who
can connect to the internet a couple times a day.
when you talk about unix boxes, servers, and big
work stations, you are talking about schools and
businesses usually. the advantage i see with home
computers is that they are easy to set up, if one
drops out it is not missed, and there are potentially
millions of them. i see home computers as a resource
that is big and should not be discounted. it just will
require some advertising to get more people involved.
someone mentioned 29,000 plus ip's logging into the
server in a day. i bet the majority of them are pc's or
macs. the rc5 challenge will soon be over and i wonder
how many schools and businesses will hang around
for less exciting distributed processing tasks. i know
i will. i'd like to see this system grow into a monster.
my two cents.

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