[rc5] HP First time user

Ed Werzyn ewerzyn at hpr114.mdhc.mdc.com
Sat Aug 30 09:30:46 EDT 1997

Ivo Janssen wrote:
> The program _can_ work via telnet, but it defaults to communicate via
> port 2056. In the config you can do "8. Network comm mode" and set it
> to "mode 2. I can communicate freely on the telnet ports."
> Then the firewall will let you through (if the firewall accepts
> telnet-ports, which I think/hope it does. If not, you could always
> try the HTTP port (mode 4)..)
> Succes, Ivo

Yes, I found out that the default is not telnet like I assumed.  I
the ini file to communicate via telnet and its working fine now. 


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