[rc5] windows and macs

Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Sat Aug 30 17:28:39 EDT 1997

At 05:19 AM 8/30/97 -0500, Ricki Lee King wrote:
>i think that windows95 and macs are ideal for the
>purpose of distributed processing on a voluntary
>basis with donated computer time. there must be
>millions of individuals with home computers who
>can connect to the internet a couple times a day.

Yes, this is exactly why our clients allow you to increase the number of
buffered keys that the client will keep saved.  Lots of people are
currently using rc5 on their computers on dialup connections in exactly the
manner you describe.  Furthermore, if you set up autodial/autodisconnect on
your machine, the client can dial up whenever it needs more keys.

>it just will
>require some advertising to get more people involved.

Yes, getting the word out is indeed the problem.  Currently the main method
that we rely on is word of mouth advertisement.

>someone mentioned 29,000 plus ip's logging into the
>server in a day. i bet the majority of them are pc's or

Yes, the majority is currently MacOS, and then Win32 systems and then I
believe Linux.  This will all be quite visible when we bring the platform
stats back up.

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