[rc5] Cyberian RC5 Effort - 'Anti - Microsoft!'

Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Sat Aug 30 19:17:57 EDT 1997

At 01:12 PM 8/30/97 +0200, Ivo Janssen wrote:
>Hmm, it seems that rc5help at slacker.com and #rc5 on EFnet are more of
>a help. But I would like to see the "Powers that Be" some more on
>this list.

I personally try to make at least one reply per subject topic, but due to
my limited time it is difficult for me to do much more than this.
Frequently I do not send my replies to the list, but only send them
directly to the original author of the message.  I will try to ensure that
doubly-send to the list more frequently, however I had been prefering to
not contribute to the general clutter on the list.  Furthermore, I have
been consistently answering every message in the rc5-proxyper mailing list.

Note that "rc5help at slacker.com" is indeed read by one of the "powers that
be" (in this case typically Nugget, though occasionally one of a couple of
other people).

The operation of the rc5help address is that mail sent to it will be
directly answered by whoever reading it, otherwise messages are forwarded
to the appropriate person for that platform-specific question.

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