[rc5] Cyberian RC5 Effort - 'Anti - Microsoft!' (fwd)

Costin RAIU craiu at usa.net
Sun Aug 31 00:08:35 EDT 1997

Alex wrote:
> Just saw this on the freebsd-hackers list.  Gee whoever called the
> founders of the Cyberian effort "a bunch of nice guys" sure musta been
> smoking something funny.
> - There is no statistical advantage to using Bovine over Cyberian at
> this time.  Bovine checked the first 6% sequentially.  So Cyberian
> didn't have to check that space, therefore they've technically
> eliminated 8% of the keyspace.  This means that roughly one key in 10
> that Cyberian checks has already been checked by Bovine.  Since the
> Cyberian client is more than 10% faster on most systems, you're only
> wasting your time with Bovine.

Interesting claim... (about time wasted)
However you should note that while Cyberian is re-checking 1 of 10 keys,
beeing 10% slower, Bovine is only checking new keys. So moch for
the %10 extra speed of Cyberian.



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