[rc5] Sharing the files

Fedor Kouranov ted99 at ibm.net
Sun Aug 31 17:22:42 EDT 1997

On 08/28/97 "Antonio Cardoso" <anc at novabase.pt> said:

> I just want to Know if I can share the files guiwin32.exe, buff-in.rc5,
>buff-out.rc5 and guiwin.ini all in the same directory with 7 computers
>across a network and if it will work properly.. If the blocks that are
>sended ain't duplicated and if two computers try to access the buff files
>what will hapen ?? hang or try until the file is released ...

The v2 clients are designed with this setup in mind. The client will remove
its block from buff-in and wait/retry if the buff file is busy.

>What I want to do is to put in all company computers (100) the client
>working using a computer that has the configuration and it's a Personal
>Key Proxy Server.

Perhaps I didn't get you. If you have proxy, you don't need client
buffering. Just set all clients to communicate directly with the proxy, and
number of blocks to buffer to 0. This will save you some overhead (it's
still OK to share the exe/ini, of course). I assume that the proxy has 24/7
access to the internet.

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