[rc5] Proxy info

Stuart Whelan stuartw at chhlth.govt.nz
Fri Aug 1 10:10:46 EDT 1997

I got sick of running wingate on my win95 machine, so I wrote a daemon in C
for linux that just accepts a connection on port 2056, and then socksifies
and passes that connection out to port 23 (One of the only ports allowed
out on our firewall) to the proxies..

I have been running it successfully for a few weeks now.

I am happy to send the src/bin's to whoever wants to use it also, with the
following warnings:

- I have never writen socket/tcp code before, so I prolly made a mistake
somwehere (it does work though)
- I wouldn't run it on a production machine.
- It may work on other platforms, but I have no idea.
- It has no makefile. (My next project is to learn how to write makefiles. :P)

If someone would like to grab the src, and tidy it up, feel free, i would
love to see where I went wrong.

I don't have access to a ftp or web server, so you will have to email me to
get a copy of the bin/src.


At 07:43 1/08/97 +1200, Ryan Krueger wrote:
>I'm looking for some specifics on how to create a proxy for bovine.  I'm 
>considering making a mac/win based proxy for people behing corporate 
>firewalls (like me).  Protocol specs or source code or whatever.
>Can anybody lend a hand?
>-Ryan Krueger
>-James Tower Media Design
>-rskrueger at JTMD.com

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