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rab at stallion.oz.au rab at stallion.oz.au
Fri Aug 1 11:19:49 EDT 1997

David McNett wrote:
> This thread has now gone well beyond the scope of this mailing list
> and
> should be allowed to die of natural causes.  Further postings will be
> frowned upon by the list management.
> Let me take this opportunity to address some of the issues raised,
> however
> and hopefully there will be no further confusion.

> 4. If you are frustrated by the rivalry and feel that the goal of
> proving
> that 56-bit encryption is weak should transcend any competition
> between
> efforts I would remind you that we at the Bovine effort had NOTHING TO
> DO
> with the split effort that we have right now.  We've made every effort
> to
> accomodate people's needs and requests in an attempt to port the
> client to
> every imaginable platform and to improve its features and
> capabilities.  We
> would have welcomed the cyberian coders to our own development team
> enthusiastically and would love to have gotten their (obviously
> skilled)
> coders involved in our V2 source development.  Had they bothered to
> contact
> us before starting a competing effort, perhaps this is what would have
> happened.
I disagree strongly with the statement about "making every effort" to
accommodate proting requests.  I have offered my services repeatedly to
compile SCO UNIX binaries only to get nowhere.  Personally I more than a
little upset that my offers have not been taken up.

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