[rc5] Cyberian Discussion

Guan Sin Ong cceonggs at segamat.nus.edu.sg
Fri Aug 1 15:49:02 EDT 1997

David McNett wrote:
> 2. Their stats pages aren't very healthy either, although between ours and
> theirs, ours is probably "more broken".  I do find it somewhat discouraging
> that their stats system is breaking under what I would consider to be a
> very light load, but that's just the nature of the beast.  I still stand by
> our decision to place the V2.003 code release above stats repair higher on
> our list of priorities. Unfortunatly, both these tasks are reliant on the
> same person (who has had limited time to devote to the effort recently.

I would like to make a strong comment on this one. This is exactly the
feeling I have about Bovine: serious shortage of manpower to do the
development and bring the stats up. Deadlines have been delayed again
and again, but I thought this is a truly distributed effort! I am sure
there are many people in this effort are capable of at least help out a
bit. My feeling has been that it's a very closed group behind the scene. 

Imagine the postponed release of a faster client. How many keys are lost
a day?

Perhaps the question is then: what are the criteria for people to join
the group working behind the scene?

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