[rc5] Cyberian Discussion

Dirk Moerenhout dmoerenh at reference.be
Fri Aug 1 12:02:22 EDT 1997

On Thu, 31 Jul 1997, David McNett wrote:

> 1. The Bovine effort has no plans to cooperate with the cyberian effort.
> It was their decision to start a competing effort.  We honor and respect
> that decision, ...

I've switched to Cyberian after 6 days, not all machines at once. I've 
followed their steps by talking to them thru IRC. They 've contacted 
Bovine Core-people. I've seen Cut&Paste parts of E-mails. And *no* they 
aren't childish so they didn't fake it, at that time the channel was 
inhabited by the core-team and the first symphatisants so there was no need.
> 2. Their stats pages aren't very healthy either, although between ours and
> theirs, ours is probably "more broken".  ...
> that their stats system is breaking under wh

The first way that made their stats wasn't really good. But the new 
search-features are great. Sometimes their server does 've problems but 
as these are resolved within hours I haven't noticed inresolvable 
problems yet.

> 3. Although my own experiences do not reflect this, it's quite possible
> that ...

There's almost every day a new client for some machine. The main reason 
their clients do go faster is because they're willing to share knowledge. 
I quit Bovine because of poor SPARC-speed. Now I work at improving the 
SPARC-performance on Cyberian. They keep an open mind to new people 
helping. I haven't seen a Sparclinux client on Bovine for a while. 
Cyberian has now, I proposed to port it and my changes were added to the 
source-distribution. Their way of getting the code done does pay off. If 
people like Rémi Guyomarch would join up with Cyberian, he could get his 
code in releases. At the Bovine sides it seems like it takes weeks to get 
great code in the release-clients.

> 4. If you are frustrated by the rivalry and feel that the goal of proving
> that 56-bit encryption is weak should transcend any competition ...

As stated before, they HAVE tried to contact the Bovine-people. In the 
beginning they weren't planning on make it a 'competition'.
> ...

Bovine could learn a lot from the way Cyberian is handling it. If it 
wouldn't have been they're doing stuff people waited for, nobody would 
've switched. The moment the Bovine-effort stated they wouldn't release 
source no more, they stopped the fun for people who aren't planning on 
running unknown programs. The Cyberian people kept their promise and keep 
releasing sources, as they should.

I haven't bothered before to mail a lot about the differences between 
Cyberian and Bovine but when there are made statements like these it 
would be ridiculous not to reply.

Dirk Moerenhout

Team rc5 at reference.be 	/ Bovine - Cyberian
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