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Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Fri Aug 1 10:09:11 EDT 1997

At 02:49 PM 8/1/97 +0800, you wrote:
>David McNett wrote:
>Imagine the postponed release of a faster client. How many keys are lost
>a day?

I don't have to imagine anything on this subject. Until Remi came
through with his code, a bunch of us were stuck with the slower v1
client. Since the v2 pproxy has not yet made it out the door, such
things as new w32 clients just pass right on by. A whole lot of good
that gui-ness and hidden feature does if the program won't be run.

>Perhaps the question is then: what are the criteria for people to join
>the group working behind the scene?

Apparently you have to do what Remi and Cyberian are doing. You have
to force your way in. Remi came out and volunteered his services. I
don't know if he got any response from bovine, but since he released
his improvements to v1 publicly, I imagine that he either got no
response, or a negative one. Then he came out with such good stuff for
v1 that people were reverting from the buggy and then slower v2 code
back to v1. Guess what happened next? Remi's changes started getting
included. Whether they have actually started taking advantage of his
skill or if they have just cut-and-pasted his code I don't know.
Presumably, he'll be getting credit on the web pages soon.

Cyberian is producing stats that are more lively and while this does
not matter much to me, it obviously matters to some. So...some of
the bovine client pool is starting to migrate. If bovine wants to
stop this, they must improve the stats.

Cyberian is producing faster clients and seems to be more receptive
to volunteer efforts. So...some of the people that have/would have
volunteered to assist the bovine effort are migrating. If bovine
wants to stop this, they'll have to start producing better clients
or start being more receptive.

Perhaps we should just start up our own v1 pproxy network and stats
system and go from there? Anybody want to volunteer? We need some
publicly accesible hosts that can serve as proxies and deliver logs
to some programs that can develop a database. We also need a web
server and some cgi to access the DB. How about it? We can solve
this problem ourselves. All folks would have to do is turn their
rc5proxy.distributed.net pointers to the surrogate network. Let
our proxies point to rc5p.d.net.

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