[rc5] 8/31/97 Stats Web Pages

Robert N. Waybright neilw1 at home.com
Sun Aug 31 22:30:07 EDT 1997

Don't feel bad.  Evangelist at apple dropped from 410 million keys a second (almost two blocks a second) to "Somebody mail this team and tell them to start cracking again! They didn't do ANY blocks yesterday!" also.  They would be most bummed if that many blocks had fallen through the cracks.  Every team I checked this evening had the same thing, so I am sure it is just some little tweak in the stats query or code isn't doing exactly what the writer expected.....

From:  Jeff Gilchrist[SMTP:jeffg at nbnet.nb.ca]
Sent:  Sunday, August 31, 1997 7:38 PM
To:  rc5 at llamas.net
Subject:  Re: [rc5] 8/31/97 Stats Web Pages

	I just checked my team stats (jeffg at nbnet.nb.ca) and it displays the
message "Please tell this team to start cracking again because they did not
submit any keys yesterday."  I did submit the same amount as I always
submit so there is some kind of problem going on.

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