[rc5] Reform the mailing list

Andrew Glazebrook andgla at hna.com.au
Thu Jul 3 17:41:58 EDT 1997

On Wed, 02 Jul 1997 21:09:30 -0500, Colin L. Hildinger wrote:

>>Plus, the talents and knowledge of the volunteers would be so varied that
>>it would be difficult to know who to direct the question to... and if it
>>isn't, the question probably belongs in a FAQ.

I agree - common answers should be added to the FAQ. There are however
also people who will ask questions without looking in the FAQ. Those
people could then be answered easily just by someone who has taken the
time to read the FAQ. If the general net populace is to take part in
distributed.net, then more and more questions are going to be asked which
have answers in the FAQ. By pointing the questions elsewhere, they can be
answered more easily. Those questions which are too complicated for people
even with a reasonable knowledge of the client, then those people can
forward the extra complicated questions onto the helper list, or two the
clients designer, or to the general discussion list depending which is
most sensible for the actual question.

As for the knowledge and abilities of the volunteers - I would see it as
like some of the help lines for computer products. You ring up, the person
who answers can answer really basic questions (questions which are
answered in the FAQ or fairly obvious), and if they are more complicated,
they can put you through to someone who knows much more (forward the
e-mail to somewhere else). The system which appears to be put in place for
OS/2 users is just as good as this, just a different way of going about
the same thing (achieving the aim).

>Well, from now one OS/2 questions sent to rc5help are being forwarded
>to the Team Warped mailing list, so that's a little less traffic for
>this list.  There are about 70 people who will be able to help with any
>questions there.  I think that answers most of Stephens concerns for at
>least one group.  Don't some of the other teams (Linux, NT, etc.) have
>mailing lists which could do the same?

This is just as good (or possibly more so) than my suggestion of the mail
redirection. I was merely making an implementation suggestion - I didn't
mean to imply that my way was the best way or the only way. I was just
putting ideas forward to be discussed on the mailing list.

If distributed.net is going to work on projects for many years to come,
there is plenty of time to discuss and try different implementations and

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