[rc5] Pentium vs. Pentium Pro (renamed)

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So am I, although I have had nothing but success so far. At home I run
Asus P55T2P4 with a Cyrix 6x86 PR166+ and am nothing but pleased. At a
133/66 the board is not being stressed and when I run anything including
os2, FreeBSD, or linux, it is as stable and reliable as a flat rock.

>To be perfectly honest, we completed avoided Cyrix 6x86 chips, they appeared to
be more hype than anything else.   This was further complicated by the fact that
no manufacturer would offer a warranty on any of their chips.  I'm simplifying,
but I mean major manufacturers, Inteva would give us a one year warranty but who
wants an Inteva?

I think that we agree on the price/perf ratio as well. I had not thought
about the weight of the cartridge that holds the PII cpu. Do you really
think that it is going to be a concern? I have not seen any of these
machines so I don't know if this would apply to vertical/tower MBs or
the horizontal/desktop style. Is the cartridge mounted parallel to the
MB or perpendicular?

>>It depends on the machine, on the single cartridge units, they have the
motherboard horizontionally, with the cartridge in the middle, taking up about
the same space as two expansion slots.  I think it's due to the board's mounting
format, it's an psuedo-ATX board, I have not seen any NLX (the other Intel
psuedo-standard) motherboards.  One server that I have here, I don't really want
to check it right now, has the motherboard mounted vertically with the
cartridges mounted horizontally in riser slots.  There's also an option for it
to be the cartridges into a riser slow facing vertical.  It's a messy
arrangement, the cartridge is large enough to be bulky, and I don't recall if
that particular unit has screws of any type holding the cartridge in place. 

Again, this is an area with a great deal of convergence, intel appears to want
to push  NLX motherboards with AGP and a new chipset (in the third-quarter of
this year, with Pentium II's.  Lending a proposed speed burst, something along
hte lines of 300mhz.  I just want to see it, it sounds impressive, but the
logistics of fitting all that hardware in a box, continue to look terribly

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