[rc5] Test server change proposal

explorer at flame.org explorer at flame.org
Thu Jul 3 20:34:28 EDT 1997

Right now, the proxies that listen on the test port 3056 do something
like this:

rc5-flame-v003: 867958322: Obtaining Key Mask from ``opus.rh1.iit.edu:3056''.
rc5-flame-v003: 867958323: Bovine Proxy KeyServer (Build 2093)--TEST SERVER

rc5-flame-v003: 867958323: Received Keyspace Mask 0x000000000FFFFF
rc5-flame-v003: 867958323: Start Key 0xE2280BDADEE0F7, trying 1048576 keys.
rc5-flame-v003: 867958323: pt = 0xD8E24C5A3DDE0DBE.
rc5-flame-v003: 867958323: ct = 0x54F13668E0CDD451.
rc5-flame-v003: 867958323: iv = 0xE24A932BF7AB927D.
rc5-flame-v003: 867958323: Possible Solution: 0xE2280BDADEE0F7 (1 attempts)

note that the "start key" is the actual solution.

I propose that the start key be the beginning of the key block, so the
client can search for it.  That will help detect bad clients much
faster and help debugging new optimizations safer.

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