[rc5] V2 Clients

Jason Gmoser noggle at isoc.net
Thu Jul 3 22:43:20 EDT 1997

On Thu, 3 Jul 1997 15:32:02 +0000, you wrote:

>Will there be a version that is hidden like that of the TimC client.  
>I have many people here in my company that have the TimC client 
>running because it is unobtrusive.  I will be moving the clients who 
>don't care that it shows up on the startup bar but the other clients 
>will continue to use the TimC version.  
>Of course you could give Tim the source code for V2 and have him make 
>new TimCV2 clients ;-)

Actually you can run the new clients hidden...  Get a program called cctask from
www.windows95.com somewhere and you can hide running programs.  You can do other
things too like change priorities and things...  That's basically all I've used
it for.

Jason Gmoser
noggle at isoc.net
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