[rc5] New competitor

RC5 Team rc5 at aion.cs.kuleuven.ac.be
Fri Jul 4 11:12:09 EDT 1997

> They have good stats *and* faster clients.
> And I believe good and accurate stats is important, just to keep people
> interested. See what competition between US campus had done for
> DESCHALL. And I'm quite sure Sun wouldn't run DESCHALL clients if
> everyone couldn't see how fast are UltraSparc machines.
> But yes, good stats isn't all, *significantly* faster clients is more
> important.

There are more advantages (at least for Europeans) :
* Their site is FAST! At least from where I am. Downloads go at 15K/s and
  higher. Clients IMMEDIATELY report and get new blocks. No network errors
  at all (while 80% chance of network errors for Bovine :I).
* No violation of ITAR restrictions.


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