[rc5] New competitor

Stephen Langasek vorlon at dodds.net
Fri Jul 4 15:09:12 EDT 1997

On Fri, 4 Jul 1997, DevilBunny wrote:
> On Fri, 4 Jul 1997, Stephen Langasek wrote:

> > Oh, now, really.  How is THAT an advantage on YOUR end?  Don't tell me
> > there are Europeans who are afraid the US government is going to try to
> > chase them down for downloading the rc5 client..?
> how about preventing you from getting any money? 

Well if RSA wants to pay someone in Europe $1000 for receiving illegal and
possibly deadly munitions :D, then the way I see it, that's between RSA
and the US government.  Even a government as altruistic <cough> as ours
would be hard-pressed to find justification for stopping a wire of $1000
to a European bank account...

Although RSA or distributed.net might be prosecutable in such a case, the
European who finds the key would be outside U.S. jurisdiction, and
wouldn't suffer any repercussions.  Well, unless Clinton continues down
the path of reason he's followed so far in dealing with encryption, and
puts an embargo into effect.

                                     -Steve Langasek

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