[rc5] Re: Faster clients

Michael J. Rogan mrogan at fpelectronics.com
Fri Jul 4 16:44:59 EDT 1997

>This group really needs to invest in faster clients.
> The only reason the Deschall group was able to stay ahead
> of the 'foreign' competitors was due to highly optimized

Deschall was able to draw on a very large group of programmers each 
contributing continuous improvements this can't be done without 

> clients.  World wide groups usually end up with much
> more computing power than U.S. onlys.
>Also, I have seen several keyserver problems.  I
> am running about 35 machines on this project and have seen
> some of the Ultra 2's just sit around for a couple
> of hours attempting to contact the keyserver.

Since I have moved some of my machines to the new V2 clients I have 
noticed many times that there is trouble connecting to the keyservers 
and with a 30s wait by about 5 waits per failed connection thats 
30*5*202000(k/s)= 30,300,000 keys that could have been checked per 
machine! a new personal proxy server V2 would solve a lot of this.  I 
have set the new clients to get 50 blocks at a time to reduce this.

>Since I'm not a programmer I can't help out, only
> make suggestions.
> Josh


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