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Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Fri Jul 4 13:52:31 EDT 1997

At 02:14 PM 7/4/97 -0500, Stephen Langasek wrote:
>On Fri, 4 Jul 1997, David Friese wrote:
>> Well it looks like they lost all our stats. The status page is something I
>> looked forward to seeing how I was doing compared to everybody else. Since
>> we started over I think I will give up on this effort.
>Is that referring to cyberian, or the Bovine effort?  Cyberian, from the
>look of their page, has lost some statistics, tho I don't know the whole
>story on that.  As for the Bovine effort, I imagine you'd be referring to
>the stats page only showing stats for one day.  Unless something's been
>posted to the announcement list that I missed (must get around to
>subscribing, yes, I must), I don't see any indication that any statistics
>have been lost.  According to the page, the stats for the past day have
>been made available so that we can get our 'fix' :-), which would lead me
>to believe that the rest of the stats are still on a hard drive somewhere,
>waiting to be incorporated.

This is indeed correct.  Because of the desire of many people to see
current statistics, we have temporarily held off on trying to remerge the
rebuilt log files from previous times.  Work has primarily been focused on
the revisions to the data totalling procedures, database search functions,
and the tabulation of some of the new platform information that is provided
by the new v2 clients.  

Because of the additions of the new data fields to our database, we will
need to likely begin retabulation of all of the old logs to get them into
the new database record format, which will undoubtedly take a significant
amount of processing time once we begin it, due to the massive amount of
data we have.  The remerging of the logs will also allow us to present more
accurate block-count standings, since the numbers displayed on our stat
pages are the result of a preprocessed "raw-tally" system that allows very
quick block-count lookups, but suffers from the potential for gradual
drifting from the actual values.

Continue to be patient while we work on the reincorporation of the old data
into the new data formats, and while we work to get out the new v2 (build
001) clients, which will have a number of suggested improvements, including
now-functional http proxy communication methods, slight performance
speedups on some platforms, and the availability of binaries for even more
platforms.  A completely rewritten v2 personal proxy is also due out soon!

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