[rc5] Re: Faster clients

Stephen Langasek vorlon at dodds.net
Fri Jul 4 15:56:39 EDT 1997

On Fri, 4 Jul 1997, Joshua Weage wrote:

> 	This group really needs to invest in faster clients.
> The only reason the Deschall group was able to stay ahead
> of the 'foreign' competitors was due to highly optimized
> clients.  World wide groups usually end up with much
> more computing power than U.S. onlys.

Unlike DESCHALL, however, distributed.net has not placed any US-only
restrictions on the download of its clients; in fact, I see quite a few
foreign emails/hostnames in the stats that have popped up over night on
the web page (hurray!).  Unfortunately, it seems there has been a tendency
for Europeans to be drawn toward the cyberian effort, even though Bovine
is open to all and has been here a lot longer.  (Why *can't* we all just
get along? :)

One advantage I see that would draw non-US participants to the European
effort is the presence of stats on top-level domains.  National pride's
not dead, folks. :)  Here in the States, the goal is to prove that our
school is faster/stronger/better organized than, say, MIT.  That's great
for drumming up support in the lower 48, but what about hackers from the
other side of the pond?  Something tells me many of them would be more
interested in being able to say their country is faster/more
technologically advanced than the US. (Or maybe Finland?)

Hey, stats people, how 'bout it?  Can the machine that's processing the
statistics handle one more category for top-level domains?

                               -Steve Langasek

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