[rc5] Mac RC5 client quit unexpectedly

Marc Farnum Rendino mvgfr at netcom.com
Sat Jul 5 14:44:12 EDT 1997

At 7:54 AM -0400 on 97/07/05, Rebecca and Rowland wrote:

> I've just downloaded the 68K and Fat clients again.  The 68K client was
> created on 25th April 1997, modified on 22 June.  The Fat client was
> created on 30th April, modified on 22 June.

So they are! I just grabbed them all again and I must be losing my mind... :)

> Hmm - it's just a bit awkward right now, because our Mac's actually being
> used quite heavily.  Maybe when Rebecca's thesis is done and we can leave
> it on its own for 12 hours...

Ah, the real world intrudes. :)

> I'm running the 68K version.

Another difference; I'm running the FAT version on a 5300ce (603e PPC).

- Marc

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