[rc5] Another approach

Bill Plein bill at diablo.net
Sat Jul 5 22:58:37 EDT 1997

So, do you REALLY want to add a lot of clients, really quickly, to The Effort?

Strike a deal with PointCast, wherein we could offer the chance to join the
effort via PointCast.  When a machine goes idle, it could run the client.  

I really don't like PointCast too much. But.... there are a lot of idle CPU
cycles out there, and the guys at PointCast are doing much the same with
their product (utilizing free cycles for information download) as we are
trying to do with the RC5 client. It might have to be Java, so it might be
slow. But.... we could increase the installed base of clients LIKE CRAZY.

This could be a way for PointCast to show to their potential advertisers
just exactly how powerful the PointCast network is. "PointCast helps crack
RC5-56", that sort of stuff.

Any thoughts?
Bill Plein
bill at diablo.net
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