[rc5] Another approach

fulltilt fulltilt at nildram.co.uk
Sat Jul 5 23:23:09 EDT 1997

Bill Plein wrote:

> So, do you REALLY want to add a lot of clients, really quickly, to The
> Effort?
> Strike a deal with PointCast, wherein we could offer the chance to
> join the
> effort via PointCast.  When a machine goes idle, it could run the
> client.

I think it would be VERY diff to 'strike a deal w/PC', again, what would
they get out of it.  The reward compared to the work load would be sad.

> I really don't like PointCast too much. But.... there are a lot of
> idle CPU
> cycles out there, and the guys

I know I would be very upset if somebody was using my 'free' cycles
w/out my knowing!!!

> This could be a way for PointCast to show to their potential
> advertisers
> just exactly how powerful the PointCast network is. "PointCast helps
> crack
> RC5-56", that sort of stuff.

In my opinion, it would take too much time/work for PC to set this up,
not to mention the coordination w/PC's users.  A good idea though.  If
the RC5 effort could get a smart screen, say a donation from PC.  That
would be a great way to advertise!



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