[rc5] Status page

Mike Silbersack silby at execpc.com
Sat Jul 5 18:26:27 EDT 1997

> Sorry....... I meant just incase you didn't notice :-) english isn't my
> first language. No hard feelings?
> ----

Well, he doesn't have much to celebrate about even IF he finds the stats: 
even though they're only for one day, they're messed up... look here:

(This is a copy of a web page, please forgive it, I can get my point across

Currently Sat Jul 5 22:21:56 1997 GMT

Stats updated hourly


RankEmail/TeamBlocksTime WorkingLast SeenAvg Kkeys/sec717 

--These three stats make some sense, they are real e-mail address:

meek at execpc.com 56 1.8 days 22.4 hrs ago 189.413 848
silby at execpc.com 42 1.9 days 1.0 days ago 144.261 1457
mt at execpc.com 6 1.3 days 1.2 days ago 2038.445 3577 

--What the heck are these stats?  Execpc did not move to three places
across the --globe within one day, did it?

meek at execpc.comk.uni-koblenz.de 1 1.8 days 1.8 days ago unknown 3719
mt at execpc.comsouth.net 1 1.8 days 1.8 days ago unknown 4736
silby at execpc.comrk.edu 1 1.8 days 1.8 days ago unknown Total:execpc 107 ---

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