[rc5] Another approach

Austin T. austhomp at iastate.edu
Sat Jul 5 23:46:27 EDT 1997

I definitely think that sysdoc.pair.com would probably help tremendously.
I know it gets a lot of hits, and as of today I just overclocked my Pentium
133 to 187.5 Mhz. *grins*
Talk about getting your money's worth.  I still have to see how it'll hold
up for quite a while but it seems fine, and I'm sure that a lot of the
people that access that page, are more or less the type that would like to
help out an effort like this.  The owner of the page seems pretty nice from
what he writes too...


At 11:21 PM 7/5/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I like your train of thought.  We need as many clients as possible.  As I
>was thinking about where we can get these clients from I thought of two
>different places/groups of people.
>The first one was the hacker group.  Places like www.2600.com and maybe
>www.hope.net.  I know these people are generally thought to be "bad", but I
>am sure that some of them would help out.  What's your opinion on asking
>Another group of computer people who are into speed are overclockers.
>These people run their cpu's at speeds higher than recommended (including
>me).  This means that their performance would be dramatically increased.
>The best place I know of is sysdoc.pair.com.  If we talked to the owner of
>this page he may help us out a bit.
>I am interested in advancing this effort and would like to hear the ideas
>everyone else has to accomplish this.
>At 09:58 PM 7/5/97 +0100, you wrote:
>>So, do you REALLY want to add a lot of clients, really quickly, to The
>>Any thoughts?
>>Bill Plein
>>bill at diablo.net

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