[rc5] Personal proxy bug

Guan Sin Ong cceonggs at segamat.nus.edu.sg
Fri Jul 4 10:34:39 EDT 1997

A bug in personal proxy has been troubling me quite often. After many
hours of running, proxy tends to stop responding. Many ESTABLISHED
connections were pending when that happened. It could stop for hours and
was only able to recover when I sent it a SIGHUP (95% chances). What I
have observed is, whenever it hang, there was always an ESTABLISHED
connection to one of the main proxy servers (I am using
opus.rh1.iit.edu). So I am thinking the bug has got to do with the
communication to the main proxy.

Another observation is that, when it hang, the last line in the log
always looks similar. The following two lines are taken from the last
two occassions when that happended:

7/4/97 03:35:38--ready=97  notify=3  uptime=2.0 days  avgrate=4.9
7/4/97 20:26:03--ready=99  notify=2  uptime=13.1 hrs  avgrate=6.3


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