[rc5] Another approach

Chris Carlin volkris at cryogen.com
Sun Jul 6 05:16:01 EDT 1997

Bill Plein wrote:
> So, do you REALLY want to add a lot of clients, really quickly, to The
> Effort?

I think a place to recruit people would be the chat rooms on AOL. Hear
me out on this...

Go into the room "hack" on any given day and you will find about 50
people wanting to learn how to hack. Tell them that if they were to run
this program, they would be cracking some VERY powerful encryption and
thus hacking.

This would definately get many people, but most would get bored after a
day or two, and the client would have to be VERY simplified, but still
you have a lot of people there.

Another idea is to put the program into one of the many AOL hacking
programs out there. Take AOHell. A VERY large number of people run it
the entire time they're on AOL. Imagine if they were all cracking blocks
the entire time they were online...

I still say we need to write a virus or worm to spread the program :)
Chris Carlin

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