[rc5] Another approach

Mike Silbersack silby at execpc.com
Sun Jul 6 15:49:24 EDT 1997

> From: Del Conte <ddelcon at voicenet.com>
> To: rc5 at llamas.net
> Subject: Re: [rc5] Another approach
> Date: Sunday, July 06, 1997 2:42 PM
> You have a point there.  To accomplish this we need more programmers. 
> clients must first be made more stable and then more user friendly so
> people can run them more easily and in the background.  Maybe we could
> some messages to the programmers of the deschall effort.  They made a
> stable client.  Also, maybe some programmers are reading this :)
> --Derek

Well, the one major piece of information that doesn't seem widely available
is exactly who is working on the clients/etc - does anybody know this? 
I've seen quite a few people here who would like to help with the
programming, whether it be with optimization, porting, etc (myself
included) who don't wish to create the "too many cooks" syndrome.  If help
is needed, I'm guessing there are enough people to help; I think all that
is needed is a request for help from the programming crew.

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