[rc5] Win32 v2 client faults

Don Corbitt donc at analogia.com
Sun Jul 6 15:58:50 EDT 1997

Should I assume that no one cares about this bug?  rc5v2 continues to crash
my three Win32 machines regularly (every day or two), always on the same
instruction.  Sounds to me like a probably one line fix.

1) Can I get source?  I'll fix it myself.

2) Is someone secretly going to look at this?

3) Did someone say there is another group working on this effort?  Is their
client any less buggy or better supported?

4) Thanks to the one person who replied, giving me a workaround of using a
larger block size, so I'll get more work done between crashes.  

At 01:45 PM 7/3/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I just found out about this project yesterday, and downloaded the latest V2
>clients.  I have a problematic net connection (new ISDN router, new ISP,
>brain dead Telco), and sometimes dial-on-demand fails.
>Anyway, I'm getting repeated protection violations, on both my NT4 Server
>and one of my Win95 machines.  I probably have 50 hours of total usage on
>the three machines, and have faulted twice on the NT machine, and once on
>the Win95.
>Each time the fault seems to be after successfully transmitting a completed
>block (last message on screen "Sent 1 block(s) to server")
>The actual fault message is
>	Instruction at 0x00412859 referenced memory at 0x000cb010c.  This memory
>can't be read.
>(Actually I paraphrased the message, but the addresses are exact.)
>Is there anything that I should configure differently?
>Don Corbitt, donc at analogia.com
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Don Corbitt, donc at analogia.com
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