[rc5] Another approach

Patrick Gardella patrick at cre8tivegroup.com
Sun Jul 6 20:15:10 EDT 1997

Do we want to run ads on planetquake aside from the mention in the news?
I've got some close (i.e. family) connections with the "owners".


On 06-Jul-97 Mike Silbersack wrote:
>I'm not sure it's worth going *that* far to recruit people - it's probably
>not the best idea to have people who aren't in for the long run because
>that would raise the possibility of rc5 trojans / etc being created...
>advertising is important however - in the right spots.  I saw about the
>Bovine effort when it was mentioned on www.planetquake.com in the middle of
>quake news.  Advertising on Tom's Hardware guide and the system
>optimization page are probably two of the best ideas, actually - the people
>who are there are *probably* pretty computer literate and would run the
>client.  Hmph... anybody up to the job of contacting those two?

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