[rc5] R Deal on hardware and upgrades

Vincent Janelle random at avara.com
Mon Jul 7 00:21:17 EDT 1997

Hey guys.  Just thought I could help the effort in some ways other than
thru raw processing  power.  I'm  currently offering you guys(anyone who
runs rc5) a deal.  Go to http://www.pinc.bc.ca/rc5 and you'll see.

Some of the things that we're offering are:

Cyrix 6x86 200/L upgrade for $149 Cnd
8mb ram upgrade (EDO) $79 Cnd.

This is just a taste of soem of our prices.

We'll also build you a screaming machine for damn cheap prices.  Al the
information is on the page.

(BTW, upgrade means that either we do it, or you do it.  Take your pick.)

I hope this helps you guys out, since it's basically turned into a rat
race of who has the fastest machine :) 

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