[rc5] Overclocking (wasRe: [rc5] Another approach)

Tero Kilkanen tkilkane at cc.hut.fi
Mon Jul 7 07:44:39 EDT 1997

On Sun, 6 Jul 1997, Austin T. wrote:

> That is a very honest concern, and in fact what you are supposed to do,
> according to Tom's Hardware Page, is to run rigorous tests on it to see if
> it is stable.  This includes many benchmark/testing programs such as
> winstone 97.  Depending on what you are doing, you can be as rigorous as
> you want, it's basically "burning in" you computer again to find any
> problems.  Also, Windows 95 itself is a pretty good detector for these
> errors, while you may play in Dos and Dos games at really high speeds,
> Windows might not so eliquently tell you that it just isn't going to happen.  

	Well, all those applications run fine on my computer, but Linux
kernel compilation doesn't work. That's the best overclocking test I know.

> I read somewhere (I might still have the book) that Intel (allegedly) makes
> all the classic pentiums from one dye (sp?) and then tests them, marking
> each one with the speed it is capable of.  Well, it goes on to point out

	I don't think Intel tests all of them, I think Intel tests just a
couple of processors from a hundred chips. If all those processors work
for example at 166 MHz, Intel would label them 150 MHz to be sure that all
those processors work. It would be an enormous job to test every
individual chip.

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