[rc5] Modified client assurance?

RSA Crack Team rsacrack at rnl.ist.utl.pt
Mon Jul 7 13:12:37 EDT 1997

> Sorry but at that time, you couldn't have any assurance that my client
> is performing calculations right. If this ASM is integrated in a future
> (2.01?) official client, you will have to trust official RC5 coders.
> In the midtime, you will have to trust me, to check the code, to simply
> ignore it, or to wait for somebody to review my code.
Don't you believe in the results of using 
rc5 -a rc5proxy.distributed.net -p 3056 email ?
It's working fine with your clients, and I think it's a good way to test
the clients.

						Joao Miguel Neves

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