[rc5] Another approach

Skip Huffman SHuffman at Atl.Carreker.Com
Mon Jul 7 09:57:50 EDT 1997

On Sun, 6 Jul 1997 13:57:06 -0500, Mike Silbersack wrote:

>Once the clients/server are stable, I'm sure
>there's a greater chance of being entering and staying for the long hall.

Some of the clients are rock stable.  I have been running the OS/2 client on five systems without a single hitch for two weeks.  I understand other OS/2 users are getting the same results.

So recruit those Warpers!

Skip Huffman

PS and tell them to join Team Warped (warped at ionet.net).

We're number three!
We're number three!
We're number three!
At least temporarily.

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