[rc5] PPro 200 figures

Bob.Rich Bob.Rich at Enterprise.globalec.com
Mon Jul 7 12:24:47 EDT 1997

I've only known about this since about 07/04, so please forgive if this is
old info.

Comparisons of v2.0 & v2.001 on Win32 & Linux 


Dell Dimension XPS Pro200n

Speeds were obtained using -benchmark command line.  Typically five runs
were made, with high and low discarded.  Deviation was typically less than

In both cases, as little as possible was running. (Win95 task list only
showed explorer & ms-dos prompt, Linux was just console)  Connected to IP
via Token Ring

p5 & p6 are the binaries for Pentium/PPro respectively
speeds are in keys per second

Client			Win95 OSR2		Linux 2.1.42 (RH 4.1)
v2.0 p5		454579			493251
v2.0 p6		455979			493167

v2.001 p5		452966			475501
v2.001 p6		455546			476160

I've also noticed about a 3-5k key/sec increase under win32 if the dos
prompt is run full screen.  I can't quite understand the 20k key/sec
decrease in the linux client from 2.0->2.001.  The diff between p5 and p6
appears to be pretty small as well.  I'll try to get some pentiumII marks
soon (no Linux tho :( )

I didn't run the Linux client under X, have heard that there's not much
difference though (not the nearly 10% diff btw Win32 <-> Linux)

I've seen several very nice marks for the AMD processors, don't have any to
test though.



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